Requirements drive many aspects of the Software Development life cycle such as architecture and design, testing, safety analysis, runtime adaptation, and change management. The Software and Requirements Engineering Center (SAREC) at DePaul's School of Computing, has been established to solve some of the complex problems that plague Software Engineering projects. These include the safe and secure evolution of software systems, actionable software analytics to support developers, large-scale online requirements engineering, and project intelligence.

We address these challenges with a diverse toolkit of techniques including Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, software repository mining, qualitative user studies, and sound engineering principles. Current projects include (1) Dronology: for supporting Requirements Engineering research into Safety Assurance, Runtime Monitoring, and Self-Adapting systems, (2) TiQI: A Natural Language Interface for Querying Software Projects, and (3) Intelligent Traceability Solutions which leverage artificial intelligence to automatically generate relationships between software artifacts, trace link evolution, and the interplay between Threat Modeling and Requirements.


SAREC projects have been funded at over $7 Million by the National Science Foundation, Software Engineering Institute, the Department of Homeland Security, and Industries including Siemens Corporation and Rockwell Collins.

Research Recognition

SAREC researchers have been awarded the 2006 IFIP TC2 Manfred Paul Award for Excellence in Software: Theory and Practice, four ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper awards at ICSE 2010, 2011, and 2012 and ASE 2010, and three best paper awards at the Requirements Engineering Conference

Student Research

SAREC has openings for Graduate and Undergraduate Students on a regular basis.

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