Let your music fly

Meet DJ Drone

DJ Drone is a personalized song request service that delivers music to users wherever they are. By using a simple web interface, anyone can request a song, and DJ Drone will dispatch a drone equipped with an onboard speaker system to serenade the user from above.

The DJ Drone system would be marketed to outdoor entertainment venues, like concerts and music festivals, to allow participants in these events to request music from anywhere.

You can find our GitHub repo here: https://github.com/SAREC-Lab/DJDrone

Learn more

Click the links below to learn more about different parts of the DJDrone architecture.

User App

The user application allows the event participants to submit song requests to the DJ Drone system at a particular event.

Admin Interface

The admin interface allows the organizer of an event to view system status and monitor active requests and drone position.

Air Traffic Controller

The Air Traffic Controller handles motion planning, job assignment and drone management.

On-Board Computer

The onboard computer flies with the drone and plays music through a physical speaker when requested.

Technical Specs

The links below contain technical documentation for DJ Drone.

Architecture & Design

Read about the overall system architecture of DJ Drone, as well as some of the design decisions made in building it.

Project Glossary

List of terms used in other parts of the documentation.

Future Work

Various improvements we'd like to build for DJ Drone in the future.

Our Amazing Team

The people building the next best thing.

Nick Aiello

Admin Interface

Joshua Huseman

Onboard Controller

Shaquille Johnson

Air Traffic Controller

Harrison Le

User Interface

JIRA Workload

Sprint 1: 10/31 - 11/10 2016

Sprint 2: 11/17 - 11/28 2016