Upcoming and Very Recent Publications

To Appear in 2016

  • Xiaoli Lian, Mona Rahimi, Jane Cleland-Huang, Li Zhang, Remo Ferrari and Michael Smith, Mining Requirements Knowledge from Collections of Domain Documents, Requirements Engineering Conference, RE16, Beijing, China
  • Jin Guo, Mona Rahimi, Jane Cleland-Huang, Alexander Rasin, Jane Huffman Hayes, Michael Vierhauser:Cold-start software analytics. MSR 2016: 142-153
  • Preethu Rose Anish, Balaji Balasubramaniam, Abhishek Sainani, Jane Cleland-Huang, Maya Daneva, Roel. J. Wieringa, and Smita Ghaisas, Probing for Requirements Knowledge to Stimulate Architectural Thinking, International Conference on Software Engineering, ICSE 2016 (to appear).
  • Sugandha Lohar, Jane Cleland-Huang, and Alexander Rasin, Evaluating the Interpretation of Natural Language Trace Queries, Conference on Requirements Engineering for Software Quality, Goteborg, Sweden, March 2016. (to appear)
  • Mehdi Mirakhorli and Jane Cleland-Huang, Detecting, Tracing, and Monitoring Architectural Tactics in Code, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (preprint).

Requirements Engineering Conference (Fall 2015)

  • Preethu Rose Anish, Maya Daneva, Jane Cleland-Huang, Roel J. Wieringa, Smita Ghaisas: What you ask is what you get: Understanding architecturally significant functional requirements. RE 2015: 86-95
  • Jin Guo, Natawut Monaikul, Jane Cleland-Huang: Trace links explained: An automated approach for generating rationales. IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference, RE 2015: 202-207
  • Mona Rahimi and Jane Cleland-Huang: Patterns of Co-evolution between Requirements and Source Code, Fifth International Workshop on Requirements Patterns (RePa'15)