Center of Excellence for Software & Systems Traceability

A community of researchers and practitioners working together since 2002 to achieve scalable, effective software and systems traceability

We envision a future in which traceability is a natural byproduct of the software development life-cycle,
and one in which complete, accurate, and trustworthy traceability is achieved with no
additional cost and effort to the software project.

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Software and Systems Traceability

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What is Traceability? Requirements Traceability has been described as the ability to "describe and follow the life of a requirement in both a forwards and backwards direction (i.e., from its origins, through its development and specification, to its subsequent deployment and use), and through periods of ongoing refinement and iteration in any of these phases". (Gotel et al., 2002). Software Traceability extends the definition to encompass multi-directional traceability centered around diverse artifacts. Traceability supports safety analysis, change impact analysis, project intelligence and much more across evolving, adapting software systems.