About CoEST

Before CoEST: Seminal work in the mid 1990s by Olly Gotel and Anthony Finkelstein highlighted the traceability problems faced in industrial practice. George Spanoudakis and Andrea Zisman launched the TEFSE series of workshops to encourage research in this area. TEFSE workshops have run every few years since 2002.

CoEST Emerges: The ideas to form a Center of Excellence to encourage and foster research in traceability, emerged during ICSE 2002 in a serendepitious meeting of Giulio Antoniol, Jane Cleland-Huang, Alex Dekhtyar, Jane Huffman Hayes, and Jonathan Maletic met under the arches of St. Louis.

The Community Forms: Through a series of community meetings, CoEST has worked on group projects to identify open challenges and to provide useful resources to the community as they seek to address those challenges. Learn more about the Grand Challenges, tutorial materials, data sets, and benchmarking tools we have developed. Some of these projects are highlighted at the bottom of this page.

All are Welcome: CoEST is an open community and welcomes participation from both academics and industry. Our next upcoming event is the Grand Challenges of Traceability 2017 event to be held in central Kentucky from March 30th to April 1st.