Getting Started

A quick overview: You have probably arrived at this page because you are a practitioner interested in learning more about Traceability, or an academic who is just starting out in the traceability area. Here we provide an initial reading list to get you started.

Motivation: Amongst the many great papers you could read, we recommend starting with the following papers which both talk about traceability problems and practices in industry.
1. An Analysis of the Requirements Traceability Problem, Olly Gotel and Anthony Finkelstein, ICRE 2002. Download here.
2. Ramesh's
3. Strategic Traceability for Safety Critical Projects, Patrick Maeder, Paul Jones, Yi Zhang, Jane Cleland-Huang, (Available from IEEE digital library.

Fundamentals: Now that you are well versed in the problems that motivate traceability research, we suggest a few papers and chapters on fundamentals:
- Traceability Fundamentals in Software and Systems Traceability.
- The "Future of Software Engineering Paper" outlines the research landscape.

If you want to know more about Trace Link Generation:
- Giulio's paper
- Jane Haye's TSE paper advancing trace links.