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Safety Critical Product Lines

Safety-critical systems, in which failure could result in loss of life, major property destruction or environmental harm, pervade our society. Such systems are governed by regulations which prescribe traceability between hazards, mitigations, design, code, and test cases. Further, they require the construction of a safety-assurance case which provides evidence in the form of arguments with supporting traceability, that the system is safe for use. SAREC has several ongoing projects in the domain of Safety-Critical systems. We recently received funding to investigate traceability in safety-critical product lines.

  • Patrick Rempel, Patrick Maeder, Tobias Kuschke, Jane Cleland-Huang: Mind the gap: assessing the conformance of software traceability to relevant guidelines. ICSE 2014: 943-954
  • Patrick Maeder, Paul L. Jones, Yi Zhang, Jane Cleland-Huang: Strategic Traceability for Safety-Critical Projects. IEEE Software 30(3): 58-66 (2013)
  • Jane Cleland-Huang, Mats Per Erik Heimdahl, Jane Huffman Hayes, Robyn R. Lutz, Patrick Maeder: Trace Queries for Safety Requirements in High Assurance Systems. REFSQ 2012: 179-193

Current Researchers

  • Mona Rahimi, PhD Student, Topic: Trace Link Evolution
  • Jin Guo, PhD Student, Topic: Intelligent Domain-Specific Traceability
  • Dr. Jane Cleland-Huang, SAREC Director, Professor DePaul University


Funded Projects

  • $444,326 SHF: Medium: RUI: Collaborative Research: Advanced Traceability for Composing Product Line Safety Cases, 07/01/2015 (4 years) (Collaborator Robyn Lutz, Iowa State University). Total award $850,000.