Twin Peaks of Requirements and Architecture

Software requirements and architectural design must be developed incrementally and synergistically. The term Twin Peaks was coined by Bashar Nuseibeh in his short but seminal article entitled Weaving Together Requirements and Architecture. SAREC has engaged in research at the intersection of Requirements and Architecture over the past decade investigating ways to connect requirements and goals to the implemented system and exploring ways to elicit architecturally significant requirements.

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Pedagogical Materials

As part of this project we developed materials for use in the classroom too. You can find them here
  • Jane Cleland-Huang, Muhammad Ali Babar, Mehdi Mirakhorli: An inverted classroom experience: engaging students in architectural thinking for agile projects. ICSE Companion 2014: 364-371

Researchers and Collaborators

  • Dr. Jane Cleland-Huang, SAREC Director, Professor DePaul University
  • Smita Ghaisas and Preethu Rose, Tata Consultancy Services, Pune, India
  • Roel Wieringa and Maya Daneva, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Funded Projects

  • $27,000 Archie: Architecturally Significant Requirements, Department of Homeland Security, $27,000. 2013.
  • $449,386 CCF 1218303 SHF: Small: Tactic-Centric Traceability Models for Preserving Architectural Quality 12/19/2011 $499,386