Funding for this project is made possible directly and indirectly by several difference sources.

Industrial Partners

The drones, health sensors, and environmental monitors used in the Studio course were provided by industrial partners (who wish to remain anonymous).

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Dr. Jane Cleland-Huang (DePaul Univ)(award) and Dr. Robyn Lutz (Iowa State University) (award) are currently funded under NSF award CCF 1513730 to investigate "Advanced Traceability for Composing Product Line Safety Cases". The Studio project is conducted as an educational outreach of the grant.

The project also seeks to place complete sets of hazard analyses, requirements, code, test cases etc into the public domain for ongoing research purposes.

Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

Dr. Cleland-Huang is part of a collaborative project funded by the Software Engineering Institute to analytically compare security threat modeling techniques. Students in Studio Class will use threat modeling techniques such as security cards to build threat models and ultimately secure the products they develop.