Medical Fleet of Drones

Drone Flying This project uses a fleet of drones to prioritize and synchronize the delivery of medical supplies in a disaster zone. Critical supplies must be delivered in a prioritized and timely manner. We use inexpensive drones which are capable of flying for 20 minutes to simulate more robust ones needed to carry actual medical supplies.

Click > to view the final MedFleet studio project released in June 2016.


Following a natural or man-made disaster medical supplies may need to be delivered to remote outposts. In this simulation a remotely located medic will use the MedFleet App to request medical supplies. The triager assesses the request, assigns a priority, and requests dispatch of the supplies by drone. The central dispatch system schedules a drone to deliver the supplies according to current drone availability and medical priority. If necessary a drone in-flight can be rerouted. The medic must be kept informed of the delivery status of his supplies. All drones must be tracked in real-time and displayed visually to the drone manager.

Safety Analysis

Safety is primarily related to the timely delivery of medical supplies. Drones must not crash, get lost, or run out of power in remote locations. Supplies must not be accidentially dropped. Deliveries must be scheduled according to priority. Communication with outposts must be maintained. (Security models pending)

Threat Model

Security vulnerabilities impact the ability of the MedFleet to perform as intended. (Threat model pending)

Open Source

This project is currently under incubation as a private GitHub repository. It will be open-sourced in June 2016.

User Manual

This project is currently under incubation as a private GitHub repository. The user manual is not yet published.