Pollutant Monitoring

Chemical explosionEnvironmental pollution -- whether caused by a catastrophic event or as a byproduct of industry and vehicle emissions etc., creates a health hazard and contributes to global warming. This project monitors pollutants creating personalized warnings and public pollutant maps.


Air pollutants in the form of greenhouse gasses are one of the primary causes of global warming. In cities such as Beijing, the pollutants create daily health-problems. Furthermore, following industrial disasters particularly caustic chemicals may be released into the environment and require careful tracking. Collection will be performed by humans with sensors attached to iPhones, and in particularly caustic environments by drones. Data will be streamed to a central server where it will be analyzed and displayed. The general public can download apps which notifies them of local pollution levels and can issue high-pollutant warnings.

Safety Analysis

Safety is primarily related to capturing accurate readings and preventing humans from entering unsafe regions (Hazard analysis pending).

Threat Model

Security vulnerabilities lead to incorrect gas readings, incorrect location tracking, and preventing accurate and timely warnings. (Threat model pending)

Open Source

This project is currently under incubation as a private GitHub repository. It will be open-sourced in June 2016.

User Manual

This project is currently under incubation as a private GitHub repository. The user manual is not yet published.